Our Sales Terms & Conditions


Elcoactive™ Ltd. Is a trading company in the food commodities industry. We are therefore an intermediary between our Customers and Suppliers. We do not produce the products we sell or hold stock of the products ourselves but source products for our Customers from our Suppliers in different countries. Our Suppliers are both direct producers or plants holding stock of products or from other trading companies who might have the products our Customers need.

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Elcoactive™ Ltd. accept no liability for any damage, lost of data or any lost in any form that resulted from downloading materials or visiting and browsing our website.

Modification of Terms and Conditions:

We may modify these Terms & Conditions at any time, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon publishing the modified Terms & Conditions on this page. We advise all visitors of our  website to visit this page from time to time to view and to be aware of all modifications made. A continued access or use of our website shall be deemed your conclusive acceptance of our Terms & Conditions

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Sales Terms:

  1. We advise all our customers to know the products they request through us or those we offer them for sales before confirming purchases from us.
  2. Elcoactive™ Limited would only inform our Customers about all the details we receive from our Suppliers including description of products as would be stated on our sales contracts/Invoices.
  3. Our Customers are advised to read carefully all product descriptions stated on our invoices/sales contract to know exactly what products are being offered to them and to request further information if they find information stated on our invoices/sales contract to be inadequate and if there is any further information they wish to receive  and be satisfied with before confirming purchase.
  4. Elcoactive™ Ltd. accept no liability of any kind of our Customers purchasing the wrong products through us.
  5. Our Customers have three working days from the time of concluding price negotiation to cancel any confirmed purchase.
  6. Deposits paid by our Customers to us are non refundable if orders are confirmed to our suppliers or plants and deposits on such orders are paid to our Suppliers or Plants.
  7. Elcoactive™ Ltd. accept no liability for any loss of our Customers due their market conditions or their inability to market and sell products they purchase through us.
  8. Elcoactive™ Ltd. reserve the right to cancel any purchase that is not paid for within 10 working day.
  9. Elcoventure Ltd. reserve the right to resell all purchased products by our customers that is not paid for within 10 working days.
  10. Elcoactive™ Ltd. reserve the right to resell our Customers orders if our Customers delay payment/s of balance/s in which case our Customers deposit/s paid on such orders are non refundable.
  11. Our Customers are strictly required to pay all outstanding balances to Elcoactive™ Ltd in ten (10) days before their containers arrive at port of destination. Any demurrage cost on our Customers container/s that is due to delay of none payment/s of all outstanding balances on such container/s in 10 days before arrival of shipment will not be Elcoactive™ Ltd. Liability.

Complaints and Claims:

We do our best to make sure the products we source and sell to our Customers are of the highest standard base on our Customers request.

However, in case of complaints and claims about the products our Customers purchase through us;


Our terms and conditions as stated on this page as above is a continuation of sales terms stated on our invoices or sales contracts we issue our Customers.

By confirming purchase through us implies our Customers have read and agree to our full Sales Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.