Elcoactive™ Limited operates as a world wide team which includes: Management Team, Logistics Team, Customer & Supplier Relation Team, Account Team and Sales Team.

Our Centralised and Decentralised Sales Team are made of professionals who have vast experience in the Export, Import and Distribution trade. Most of them are multilingual which make it easier to always be first point of contact with our world wide Customers and  Suppliers in different countries and to engage them in the language of their choice

The Sales Team are efficient in negotiating offers with our Customers and Suppliers alike to make sure our Customers get the best offers in the market without compromising on the quality of products we purchase from our Suppliers and sell to our Valued Customers.  

For all your offer requirements, please contact our professional, efficient and friendly Sales Team on: sales@elcoactive.com for our unbeatable prices. Or you may also contact any of the Team member in any part of the world that you might know and already in business with for your requirements.

We look forward to serving you with our unbeatable offers prices without compromising on the quality of products you purchase from us.

Sales Team